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What do we do?

Engage with the community:

Auerfarm serves as an anchor of diversity, bringing together students, parents, and guests in the pursuit of learning about the environment. We believe in the value of hands-on interaction to facilitate lifelong self-growth and education.


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We provide educational resources


Auerfarm is space wherein students can fulfill the Core Science Curriculum. We offer instructional programs and facilities for rent. The farm is also open to exploration any day of the week from dawn til dusk.


Between the many, varying farm animals, the excited children and beautiful scenery, Auerfarm has it all. We hope you will find yourself here, enjoying the simple pleasures of the farm atmosphere. You can also find out more about specific events on our events page.

I live across from the farm and walk into the farm with my dog daily.  I am so impressed with what you do for children and adults also.  This is a gem of a place!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Louise Wilder