Beth Bye

Executive Director

Beth’s connection with Auerfarm began as a consultant for the Bloomfield Public Schools. She helped develop the Wintonbury Early Childhood Magnet School farm theme and facility. Wintonbury and Auerfarm have an ongoing relationship, as all students from Wintonbury regularly visit the 4-H Farm throughout the school year. Beth has spent her career working to assure all children have access to high quality learning opportunities.

Our Staff

Elizabeth Bye - Executive Director
Mark DiBella - Office Manager
Kim Read, Director of Education
Lynn Bestor - Teacher
Judith Brenner - Teacher
Ellen Paine - Teacher
Debbie Paskiewicz - Teacher
Michelle Rozek - Teacher
Juliana Bailly-Simao - Teacher
Justin Whitehouse - Farm/Facilities Manager
Ben Carroll - Farm Assistant
Juliana Bailly-Simao - Farm Assistant
Candace Banasiewicz - Farm Assistant
Olivia McAdams - Farm Assistant
Maggie Powers - Farm Assistant
Birthday Party Host:
Juliana Bailly-Simao

Board Members

  • Mary Eberle
  • Earl Gardner
  • Ben Kille
  • David Kopp
  • Kevin Krebsbach
  • Dana Kuhl
  • Robert Lyle
  • Cynthia McGinty
  • Kevin Palache
  • Vikki Reski
  • Carlos Rosales
  • Jeffrey Small
  • Brenda Watson
  • Mark Weisman