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All educational programs at Auerfarm combine direct experience with agriculture and nature through hands-on experiences, observation, and reflection. Programs can focus on biology, biotechnology, horticulture and math, addressing content standards and expected performances in science and other disiplines. Programs are aligned with Connecticut State Department of Education Science Curriculum Framework for students pre-K through high school, Common Core standards, and Next Generation Science standards. 

All programs encourage critical thinking and curiosity, while providing the concrete hands-on discovery experiences essential to motivate and inspire scientific literacy. 

  • Seasonal Programs

    Our seasonal programs are ideally suited for students, pre-K through 12th grade. Schools may also request a custom designed program on a specific topic. We offer several programs that are open to the public during holidays and vacations, over the summer, and to celebrate special family events, like birthdays.
  • Auerfarm to School

    Looking for an interesting program for your class/group but can’t make it out to the farm? Let Auerfarm bring the farm to you. We have many different Farm to School programs to choose from
  • Birthday Parties

    Add a learning opportunity to family events like birthdays, mitzvas, graduations, first communions and other special occasions when children could learn as well as be entertained.