Farm Educator Job Listing
Auerfarm seeks both part-time year round and summer farm educators with a passion for teaching and learning. The farm educator will deliver agricultural and environmental lessons at Auerfarm and in local schools working with preschool through 12th grade. The position reports directly to the farm education manager. If interested for applying for this position, please email a resume and cover letter to Darlene Yule, Farm Education Manager at  

Auer Mission: To ensure children and adults engage in, learn about, and enjoy agriculture, science, and the natural environment. 

The farm educator inspires and informs youth of all ages about the natural world, including Auerfarm agriculture and surrounding environment. Through our education programs, this position will teach agricultural and environmental education in Auerfarm classrooms and at local schools and prepare classroom materials. In addition, the farm educator provides information to and recruits area schools and teachers to participate in our programs. The farm educator is a full member of the education team and works directly with the farm education manager and farmer to prepare the farm for all educational programming.

Auerfarm serves as an anchor of diversity, bringing together students, teachers, parents, and guests from across the region, to learn about agriculture and the environment. We believe in hands-on interaction with natural materials to facilitate lifelong self-growth and education.

1. Implements education program activities as needed to support achieving education team objectives and meet the goals of the strategic plan, including:
·  Teach agricultural and environmental education, year round, in Auer classrooms and at local schools
·  Prepare and maintain indoor and outdoor classroom space as needed for programming
·  Assist the farm education manager and farmer with care and maintenance of annual production beds, perennial growing areas, animal care, tool storage, and educational program spaces
2. Assists with program development and evaluation, as requested:
·  Collect and input demographic data from visiting programs
·  Assist in the development and implementation of new lesson plans and curricula
3. Participates in organization-wide efforts, annual community events, and other tasks as requested (includes working weekends):
·  Assists with annual events such as Santa on the Farm, Pancake Breakfast, Party in Plaid, and Fall Festival
·  Leads Auerfarm Educational Birthday Parties
·  Actively participates in regular all staff meetings

CORE COMPETENCIES (Includes the critical areas of expertise and abilities that are required to effectively perform the tasks outlined above)

  1. A command of the required technical information relevant to agriculture and environmental science, teaching and managing PreK-12 classrooms.

  2. A familiarity with (or ability to learn) Next Generations Science Standards or CT Core State Standards

  3. Interest in conservation, enthusiasm for the outdoors and gardening.

  4. Respect for and ability to work with diverse groups including children of all ages, socioeconomic status, and physical and developmental ability

  5. Ability to individually and collaboratively evaluate effectiveness, adapt program design and implementation.

  6. Accountability, self-motivation, innovation, and resourcefulness in doing whatever it takes to provide an authentic Auerfarm experience for all visitors

  7. Strong written/verbal communication skills, including persuasive and effective communication that forwards the purpose and mission of the organization and familiarity with use of computers and the internet

  8. A strong and active interest in learning and personal growth, including actively and reflectively pursuing growing self-awareness and receiving feedback from colleagues