Celebrate your birthday at Auerfarm! 

All birthdays cost $200 with additional fees found below for special occasions and themes. We have indoor classroom space and an outdoor pavilion for your party depending on the weather and time of year. We also have a kitchen if you need it. Show up early and feel free to decorate. If you are planning on having food/cake, you will need to supply the table cloths and plates/utensils.

Alpacas and Sheep to Yarn:
Let’s explore the wonderful world of wool!  Meet Auerfarm’s alpacas and sheep and learn how to take care of them.  Create a small wet felted or weaving project to take home.  (Any season)  $30 materials fee for this program.

Farm Animals:
Visit the barn to meet all the animals.  Help brush a goat, collect eggs, or learn to hold a chicken.  Make farm animal puppets to take home. (Any season)

Wild Animals:
What wild animals call Auerfarm their home?  Children will learn basic tracking techniques and set out in search of footprints.  Children will create animal masks to continue their adventure.  (Any season)

Mad Science:
Turn the farm into your own science laboratory with fun experiments.  Watch milk come alive with amazing changing colors.  Make a simple lava lamp powered by Alka Seltzer.  Create Oobleck and experiment to see if it is a solid or a liquid.   (Any season)  $30 materials fee for this program.

Maple Sugaring:
Follow the process of maple syrup from tree to table.  Learn how to identify a sugar maple, tap it, and turn its sap into delicious syrup.  Taste real maple syrup over pancakes.  (Early spring—late February to mid March)

Do you have a green thumb? Learn about gardening and how plants grow.  Decorate a pot and plant a seed.  (Any season, best in spring and summer)

Ice Cream:
Have you ever had fresh vanilla ice cream?  Party-goers will learn where all the ingredients for ice cream come from and help make a batch using an old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream freezer.  Enjoy the tasty treat in cones or with your birthday cake. (Any season, best in warm weather)

Apples and Cider:
Take a hayride to Auerfarm’s apple orchard to pick apples for cider.  Use a cider press to make sweet apple cider.  Taste pasteurized cider.  Feed the pressed apple bits to the farm animals.  (Fall only)

Garden Party:
Explore Auerfarm’s gardens to complete a scavenger hunt.  Use natural materials to create an art project.  (Late spring, summer, early fall)

Snow Day:
Join us at the farm for a snowy adventure.  Children will conduct snow experiments and create colorful snow sculptures.  Warm up with some hot chocolate.  (Winter with snow on the ground)