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The 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm is a private, non-profit education center located just minutes from Hartford, off Route 185 in Bloomfield.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people, agriculture and the environment through education and recreation.

In keeping with this mission, we offer education and recreation for children and adults.  We collaborate with schools, families and others in the Greater Hartford area and beyond, incorporate their needs and interests into our programs and make reasonable resources available.  We focus on animals, wildlife, plants and farm production.  We seek to enhance the number and variety of learning opportunities on the farm, support 4-H youth activities and forever will maintain the land as open space.

A partner with the University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture, the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm's programs are based on current scientific research. This 120-acre farm provides valuable hands-on experiences to more than 14,000 children throughout the year. Seasonal programs are offered to school classes, community groups, and the public in the Center's animal barn, gardens, farmland and orchards. 

In this setting, students see cows, chickens and goats. They plant seeds, harvest apples, watch as sap is collected and make ice cream. Through interaction with educational staff, students learn how agricultural science affects everyday life. 

Lessons on biology, biotechnology, horticulture and math address content standards and expected performances in science. These are based on the Connecticut State Department of Education Preschool Benchmarks and Core Science Curriculum Framework for students pre-K through high school. 

Programs encourage critical thinking and curiosity, while providing all the concrete hands-on discovery experiences essential to motivate and inspire scientific literacy.