The mission of the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm is to connect people, agriculture and the environment through education and recreation. 

Our Programs


All educational programs at Auerfarm combine direct experience with agriculture and nature through hands-on experiences, observation, and reflection. Programs can focus on biology, biotechnology, horticulture and math, addressing content standards and expected performances in science and other disiplines. Programs are aligned with Connecticut State Department of Education Science Curriculum Framework for students pre-K through high school, Common Core standards, and Next Generation Science standards.

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Photo by M. DiBella

Photo by M. DiBella

Our History

The farm, founded in the early years of the 20th century, was honored as a model farm in 1950 and was the site for the annual Connecticut Farm Conference in the late 1940s and 1950s. The driving force for the long-term success of the farm was Beatrice Fox Auerbach. When her husband died in 1927, two years after buying the farm, she took control despite having no knowledge of farming.

"Don’t write about me as a businesswoman; call me a woman in business."

— Beatrice Fox Auerbach


Dignitaries from throughout the country, including Eleanor Roosevelt, visited the farm and were impressed by the quality of the crops and animal production. Farmers from abroad came to learn modern practices for use in their countries. Besides running the farm, Mrs. Auerbach achieved national prominence in the 1930s as the first female president of a leading department store, G. Fox & Co. Her good business sense, humanitarian work practices and philanthropic ventures left a legacy from which people benefit today. Mrs. Auerbach also supported 4-H by sponsoring the statewide 4-H dress revue held at the department store.

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Thank you for another wonderful visit to the Farm to see the Maple Trees. The children could not stop talking about their day on the way back to Hartford. We really appreciate all the work you do for us. Your staff were a joy to work with and were super helpful. Please email me at anytime to coordinate the next visit! We are eager to return! 

All the best, 

E. Vazquez

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Photo courtesy of Annie Fisher Montessori

Photo courtesy of Annie Fisher Montessori

Get Involved

The 4-H Education Center is governed by a group of community leaders. Its many committees are made up of community volunteers. The work of more than 500 volunteers help to make the projects and programs of the Center run smoothly. Volunteer opportunities are available for all ages and talents. You can also sponsor an individual, a family or a class. Sponsor participation by a Cub Scout Den or an entire Pack.

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